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The Crow's Nest Wildlife Gallery 2014

While this year for me was one of the worst with Brokenfoot probably being killed by a hunter on College Avenue / New Cut Road, of which I hope karma comes a looking as her baby (born 5 months previous) wonders on its own still obviously missing its mother. Otherwise it was a year of beauty and tranquility, except from the absence of bees, which the year before were quite numerous and tolerated my presence and never stung me although I was in their face abit giving them water. A black headed vulture turned up over the summer digging a hole in our gazebo roof and the BBQ covering but cannot be blamed, instead became a friend; turning up about one or twice a week for some food and near enough feeding from my hand. Funny face is still scared of crossing over the road so I go out most morning to throw her some bread and she got together with The Gent and had a tiny baby which is very timid indeed and abit of a mommy's girl. The Man is missing I am assuming he was killed because of his "rack" which was a stunning site, now never to be witnessed by anyone else. Mr Foxy had two youngsters this year and he is getting very tolerant of me but why wouldn't he, he eats as good as the old trouble and strife & me!


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