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Although this section is new, unfortunately pets go missing once in a while and hopefully this page can
be used (free) to advertise your loss or indeed something you have found. 24 January, 2006 8:47 AM

Anyone lose a brown tabby cat?
(Ellicott City--Main St)

Anyone lose a brown tabby cat? (Ellicott City--Main St)

Do you you know John Truax?
Lost Friend

From: Jeff Pfizenmaier

I believe an old friend of mine lives in Ellicott City. If you know John Truax would you pass on my email
address and tell him Pfiz wants to say hello. Thanks, Jeff

Nic Baykaa-Murray
Email: nmuzz@hotmail.com


Hi there, my name is Nic and I'm an Australian living in the UK. When I was 16 - 17 I had a penfriend  who was from Ellicott City and I'm trying to find her. Her name is Bethany Ragsdale (although she is most likely married now) and we were penfriends from 1990 - 1992. Could you please help me find this person or give me some information how to find them. I used to attend Figtree High School, in Wollongong, NSW Australia when she contacted me although my surname then was just Murray then. Any help or suggestions would be grateful. Many thanks, Nic.

Kia Ora and Tena Kotou Katoa

My name is Kenneth Koh, from Wellington, New Zealand and currently sojourning in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I am looking for a lost family friend, the du toit. They were my old neighbor, living opposite our house in Wellington. They were originally from South Africa. They shifted to Ellicott City about 6 - 7 years ago and somehow, I lost touch with them - my emails to them were returned to sender. The family Nelis and Elise du toit has a son, Charls, should be 15 years, a year younger than our daughter, Marisha Lian. From the photo I have, Charls used to get picked up in front of his house by the Mellor Bus Service, Columbia, Maryland. I have got a photo of Ellicott City ( I am sure I have got the right one). Nelis came to MD as a telecommunications designer (specializes in aerial transmission) and came to work for a telco manufacturer. Elise is an accomplished musician, specializes in the flute. She is a music teacher. I would be most obliged if you could do a search and to pass on my contact details to the du toits, and to email me. Thanks for your assistance  

Cheers Kenneth Koh

Serguei Dobrovolski

I am trying to find a relative: Serguei Dobrovolski? Does he live in your town and, if so, please give us a contact address or telephone #.
Thank you very much

Giuliana Vural
Marie Skowronek

hello! i'm rom POland and i look for my family in uSA. i know that in Ellicott City is Marie Skowronek and i have her e-mail but i can't send her a message and i don't know why. i want to find a contact with her and the other rest of family chronowski i ask You so much that You , i don't know, maybe annonce on this site. i'm sorry but my english is not very good and i know taht i did some mistake. thank You for all! Jadwiga Chronowska (jchronowska@o2.pl, jchronowska13@yahoo.com)
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